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ID2IT - hosting Hosting

The hosing plans that we offer, have been simplified as much as possible, to ensure the best possible transparency of our offer.
Hosting plans differ in the amount of space available for data - the other parameters are the same for all options.


80 PLN

Basic version of hosting offering 5 GB for data. Perfect for your company's simple website.


115 PLN

Perfect hosting plan for an average website with multiple email addresses. The available space is 10 GB .



169 PLN

A hosting plan that provides a lot of freedom in data storage. Available space - 20 GB is enough for storing website files, database and several e-mail addresses.


330 PLN

40 GB of the available space allows you to store large amounts of data. It is a doubled Max account, available at a great price.


* The given prices do not include VAT
* We are able to prepare an individual offer for any account size. We have flexible approach to the needs and we can establish an individual payment plan based on the customer's needs.